About Us

Recycle Earth

What we do

Martin Wireless LLC was originally started in 2011, to help with the ever growing problems related to electronic waste. It's estimated worldwide, that we create almost 50 million tons of e-waste materials a year, and only 15-20% of this waste is disposed of through proper methods. The rest of the waste ends up in landfills around the world. The decomposition of these electronics release heavy metals, like lead, to pollute these landfills creating toxic deathtraps for nature, wildlife, and most importantly us. We want to make sure more than 15% of electronics get recycled.

Our solution

Every business and individual we work with across the country, means more electronics that are ending up in the right place. Devices that work are refurbished and sent to secondhand wholesalers worldwide, to be reused by new consumers, some of which may be getting their first opportunity with technology. The devices that aren't quite up to par anymore get sent to EPA certified recyclers, where they are stripped of their valuable resources, and recycled back into new goods.

You can help too

Even if we can't find the right solution for your situation, we always encourage using proper recycling and disposal techniques. One of the best things individuals can do is to stay informed and spread the word. If you or anyone you know is looking to get rid of old devices, always look for recycling centers with the correct certifications to handle electronic waste.