Our Process

Recycle Cell phone

Get a Quote

The whole process starts with a call or email to one of our sales associates. They will ask you some basic information about your devices (do they power on, are they damaged) and some contact information. Based on the information you provide, they will build you a device assessment quote within 48 hours.

Send in your Devices

If you like our offer, it's now time to send your electronics in! We will provide you a mailing label* and a tracking number, so you can watch to see that your devices make it safely to our facility.
*we can also provide you with supplies to ship your electronics in, but we always insist on re-using any old boxes you might have lying around first

We Send You Cash!

After your devices reach our facility, they are due for a check-up. Once your devices' pass the exam, you will receive your final assessment. If we found any additional problems with your devices, you will see that reflected in the final value. Forty-five days after the final assessment value, you will receive a check in the mail.

It's That Easy!